Reporting In On Project Relaxation

So, yeah. I’m not so sure how relaxing things have been. I’ve been trying to get all the stuff I’ve been ignoring for practically a year done and off the To-Do list. Today, I tackled a major one — which is getting together the paperwork for submitting an extension course proposal to my alma mater. I’ll refine it tomorrow and make a call to find out what I can email and what has to be snail-mailed.

Other than that, I’ve finally started in on the TBR pile. So far:

Mine to Possess By Nalini Singh. I’ve been meaning to read her forever, and at last I could. And am glad I did. Fun read!

The Short Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao By Junot Diaz (Still working on this one, but it’s great!) Only, I’ve set it aside for:

Indian Killer By Sherman Alexie

I’m becoming a Sherman Alexie fangirl. His YA The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian was so freaking good — rush out and buy or borrow this book, people — I went out the next week and bought two of his adult titles. Wow. Just wow. He’s amazing.

I should be ashamed about setting aside Diaz, but you know what? It’s my TBR and I can read in whatever order I want and I can be reading as many books as I want at the same time, too.

Today, I notebooked some of the next historical and I think I nailed the basic idea. Things began very badly. All confusing and none of the parts were fitting together. But then I realized I needed to change the location and ta dah! everybody was very happy.

OK, off to bed because I want to read some before it’s too late.


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