Listen Up!

Look, people. If you’re on Twitter, it seems pointless and probably is until you’re following a few people. Really. If you have a twitter profile go out and find people to follow. You can unfollow them if they’re boring you. Look over over there to the right (unless you’re reading this in a feed, in which case, click through to my blog and then look to the right) you’ll see the link to my Twitter profile. Follow me (cuz I’m so charming and all) and then follow a few of my followers. Being a geekish sort, you might want to skip the tech tweeters. You can search twitter for people in your home town. That was fun and I’m glad I did that. I’m following a bunch of writers. Once you’re following more than 10 people, the point becomes more obvious. So go do it.

In other news, it’s Friday!!!! oh thank all the powers in the universe for that!

I finished Evermore. Now I’m reading Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs. But I may set it aside for Reservation Blues because as you may know, I am now a huge fan of Sherman Alexi.

Off to my local RWA chapter meeting tomorrow which means I should go to bed.

Thought A LOT about the next book today. I’m getting anxious to start. I’m thinking May 14 should be my official start date. That way I have this weekend for a last bit of massive reading.


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