Cause for Glee plus a Secret Marriage

I’m blogging early because I suspect I’ll end up too tired later tonight. So, it’s an early post.

In writing news, Scandal is being moved to February 09 from January which I am actually happy about. A February release is better. Holiday sticker shock is wearing off and there’s Valentine’s day. Romantic book for a romantic month. That totally works.

I have another review for My Wicked Enemy The reviewer picked a very intense scene as an opening excerpt– No WAY am I showing it to anyone at work! — but here’s the review part:

Wow. This is powerful stuff and I don’t like many paranormals. I may not understand every bit of it, for authors of paranormals tend to make up the rules as they go along (and why can’t they list these rules and enlighten us?), but it held me captivated from the first page to the last. There are some pretty amazing characters in this story and I am hoping that we can read more of them in the future. Good going, Carolyn Jewel!

Donna Doyle, Romance Reviews Magazine

This will post in the August 2008 issue, so I can’t give you a direct link yet. But that’s a good review.

No, I am not performing stupid web tricks. My publisher sent the review to me.

In other writing news The List desperately needs a new name. There’s no list in the story whatsoever. And speaking of new names, I changed some more names. My heroine’s name is now Sabine. And my hero’s late wife is named Camilla and before she didn’t have any name at all. She was just, you know, dead.

Book Title, Book Title, Who’s Gotta Book Title?

Not me. But the best title, the one I really like is The Philosopher’s Daughter only that’s never going to make it past marketing. But maybe I should just call it that because I like it.

What do you think?

Oh, and here’s my current favorite line so far:

"If she’s married, Foye,” Crosshaven said, "I hope to God her husband is a neglectful ass and that she hates him soundly."

The reason it’s my favorite so far, aside from being new and shiny cuz I wrote it today at lunchtime, is Crosshaven is talking to my hero, Foye, about the heroine, and Foye just happens to be married to her, which nobody knows. It’s a secret marriage story!!

It’s quite possible it won’t be by the end, but it is right now, and speaking of which, I need to go write it.


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