Why Carolyn is Happy Dancing Despite a Word Count of El Zippo

Why, you ask? I shall tell you.

If you read yesterday’s post, you know I finished the Revision Read Through That Would Not End yesterday. Yay! And today, I was going to buckle down and get going again on the next historical.

But first I had this little problem of a plot that might not be possible: I want my hero and heroine to be in Turkey in the early 1800’s and I want them to get married under dire and dramatic circumstances. My train of thought has been going something like this:

There were lots of Christians in Turkey then so there are surely Christian churches there (yeah some pretty famous ones, I know!) But probably not the Church of England so the usual rules in Regency marriages aren’t going to apply. They can’t go back to England to hit up the Archbishop for a Special License and then go back to Turkey…

That train of thought died shortly thereafter.

So, where can these guys get married pretty much in the dead of night that would be legal enough to cause a problem when they’re back in England later? Is there an Archbishop equivalent in Turkey? But if there is, I still can’t have the hero trotting off to line up the paperwork and then going back — Ok, bad guys, you can start again, I’m back and ready to thwart you! Thanks ever so for waiting.

Yeah, some questions to resolve, eh? Tonight, after I cleared away some stuff that had to get done first, I invoked the awesome powers of Google.
Dun dun da dun!!!!

Here are my Google search phrases:

  • Christianity in Turkey in 1800
  • British Marriages in Turkey in 1800

Da motherlode folks! Because one of the search results was an article about a marriage that took place at the British Consulate in Turkey in 1894. Ohmygod! Of course! They get married at the British Consulate.

So now my train of thought is like this:

Where the hell was the British Consulate in Turkey in the early 19th century? I can move this back to Constantinople if I have to but that would be seriously lame. Was there even a Consulate for sure and do I have to find out who the Consul was?

More awesome powers of Google.
twinkle twinkle twinkle

Here is my Google search phrase:

  • British Consulate in Turkey in 1800

And this lead pretty much directly to a 1911 Encyclopedia about Aleppo, where the British Consulate was reopened in 1800. And get this! There was some fighting going on there. Is that perfect or what? Now, Aleppo is in Syria but who cares, this doesn’t have to happen in Turkey plus it’s described in the 1911 source as Asiatic Turkey. Wikipedia has this to say about Aleppo: The city remained Ottoman until the empire’s collapse, but was occasionally riven with internal feuds as well as attacks of the plague and later cholera from 1823.

Seriously everyone. This could not be more perfect for my story. Internal feuds. Plus plauge AND cholera. Wow.

I am thrilled to bits.

And now going to bed.


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2 Responses to “Why Carolyn is Happy Dancing Despite a Word Count of El Zippo”

  1. Sandra Schwab says:

    Google is the bestest thing since the invention of chocolate! 🙂

  2. Carolyn says:

    As long as we're in agreement the chocolate is better than Google, I'm totally with you there. I love Google. I <3 chocolate.