Fun with numbers!

Today when I finished working on The Next Historical my total word count for the MS was 55,552. So I actually spent 10 minutes finding the right 3 words to add to bring the total MS word count to 55,555.

It was fun. And now I’m feeling unaccountably happy even though I’m still 1000+ words away from recovering the 3000 and some words I deleted over the weekend.

In other number news, yesterday I rewrote the opening of Chapter 1 12 times before it was right and ended with a net increase of about 234 words. Ouch. Today when I was driving home, all of a sudden I knew I needed a different chapter 1. So today I renumbered all the files and Chapter 1 became Chapter 2 and then I wrote the new Chapter 1.

I think it works.

I’m going through start to finish on a mission to clean up my little messes. Fast. I’m freaking a bit about my deadline. I wish panic wasn’t such a motivator.


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