I am NOT panicking, seriously

Today I made back most of the words I cut after I realized I needed to rewrite chapters 1 and 2. Things are complexifying. But this is the part where I am besieged by deadline panic. Ack!

I turned off Twitter and my email and put some tunes on. I only wasted time once when I went off to listen to Paolo Nutini on YouTube for a while.

Off to bed!

Bonus picture for the heck of it. Roses are red. Blogger squishes the pictures down quite a bit so they don’t look as crisp as the original which you can see here.

Red Rose with Raindrops on it


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One Response to “I am NOT panicking, seriously”

  1. Christine says:

    I turn off or avoid reading twitter some days, too. Or just post my own thing and not join in on any chit chat. It’s too easy to waste time otherwise.

    Sending you uber productivity vibes! =)