To the person in my house who bought an off-brand brand of graham crackers

They taste terrible. Cardboard would taste better. Yuck.

Now someone has to go to the store and buy REAL graham crackers.

Internet is still out but scheduled to be repaired tomorrow between 3 and 5. Pray for us. The situation is dire. Many of us are showing signs of deprivation. Subject 1 has been wandering around picking up old emails (printed out) and sobbing quietly. I have myself observed Subject 2 attempting to make up stupid jokes. It’s painful enough when someone thinks over-circulated jokes are funny, but when said subject resorts to making them up?

Mostly we wander around the house aimlessly, wondering if friends in far flung places think we’re ignoring them on purpose.

How did we live before You Tube or Weather Bug? What if I estimate it’s 65 outside when really it’s 66? And what if I think tomorrow is going to be pretty much like today only actually there’s a hurricane coming? Or a rogue cloud bank?

The Next Historical is progressing. That’s about all I can say.


Without my iPhone, I would be in a sad sad place indeed.



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