Good news!

I just found out that My Wicked Enemy is Fresh Fiction’s Fresh Pick for Friday October 24!

So if you’re reading this on Friday, October 24, click on over and go oohh and ahhhh! If you say to yourself that you must now rush out and buy My Wicked Enemy you should way go do that. Or check it out from the library or something.

I’m told the picks are made by a group of readers and have nothing to do with advertising or anything. So, hey, they picked my book! That’s pretty darn awesome.


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3 Responses to “Good news!”

  1. Anthony James Barnett - author says:

    Congrats, Carolyn. Must have done your sales a power of good.

    Book promotions stinks. I hate it.

  2. Caffey says:

    Hi Carolyn!!! I just got MY WICKED ENEMY from Amazon and so can’t wait to start it. And too I saw a historical out early next year! So looking forward to more. Huge congrats on the sales!!!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Anthony James and Caffey:

    Thanks so much! I hope it does give me a bump in sales. And Anthony James, yes, promotion is time consuming, expensive and frustrating because there’s really no good way for an author to know what worked or did not. Sigh.


    I hope you enjoy My Wicked Enemy! And yes, Scandal will be out February 3rd from Berkely Books. Thanks for the good wishes!