Author Interview: Jeff Rivera

How did you come up with the title, Forever My Lady?

Cover of Jeff Rivera's Forever My Lady Well, the main character Dio has this thing he always says to the love of his life in Spanish, which is basically, "No matter what, Forever." That means no matter what they’ll be together. It’s almost something he says as a guilt trip because I think on some level he knows she’s slipping away from him slowly but surely. But in his heart of hearts Jennifer will always be forever his lady.

How similar would you say you are to your main characters?

Very similar in many ways but other ways not at all. Even Dio, the gang member is similar to me, although I’ve never been in a gang. I know how he feels about love and about abandonment and about longing for someone. Jennifer is on the other end of the spectrum where she feels obligated to be with someone though her heart and head are telling her to go into two different directions.

One of your supporting characters Simon is interesting. He’s a biracial kid who’s ashamed of himself so much that he adapts and changes, like a cautionary tale. Why did you create that character?

He’s based on someone I know and also me. I know the pressure of feeling obligated to fit into a stereotype of who you’re supposed to be based on how you look on the outside. I think it’s an important message and something that a lot of people can relate to.

Photo of Jeff Rivera, author of Forever My Lady

Did you receive any rejections when sending out Forever My Lady? How did you keep going?

Rejections? Are you kidding? Who DIDN’T reject Forever My Lady? Haha. I was just grateful that the wonderful people at Grand Central really "got" the story and gave it a chance when others hadn’t.

Where can readers get a copy of Forever My Lady?

They can pick up a copy at any local bookstore, or my website:


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