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Awesome or what?

George Martin and Gardner Dozois, eds.’s STAR CROSSED LOVERS, a cross-genre anthology of fantasy and romance, with contributions by New York Times bestselling authors Diana Gabaldon, Jo Beverley, Carrie Vaughn and others, to Jennifer Heddle at Pocket, in a very nice deal, for publication in 2010, by Kay McCauley at The Pimlico Agency (NA).

I assume the George Martin is George R.R. Martin, who has brilliantly edited in the past. But seriously, Jo Beverley!!! OMG SQUEEE!!!! I’ve heard the Diana chick is pretty good, too.

I thought I did pretty good in the quizzes I recently took while I wasn’t procrastinating. Especially in the How Long Would You Survive in a Horror Film but there is a Queen among us: I give you, The Horror Schwab.

The other awesome thing today is I finally made it to my PO Box to check for mail, which I do religiously the 15th of every month or as soon thereafter as I remember at the same time I have time and am somewhere near, and there was a letter from a young woman I met on MySpace who hasn’t got a lot of money, so I sent her a copy of Shards of Crimson and then recently My Wicked Enemy, too, because I remember being young and having $7.00 be a fortune. She wrote me the nicest thank you letter and included a poem she wrote, too. When you don’t have a lot of money, that means you walk, bike, take the bus (if you can afford it) or bum a ride everywhere you need to go. Getting to the library may not always be easy, I should point out, and depending on your city and where you live (if you don’t have a lot of money, chances are you don’t live close to amenities like grocery stores or libraries) — well, you see my point, I hope.

Awesome letter and poem!


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