A lovely day

Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates one this time of year.

My family celebrates Christmas, so we did the Christmas thing today. I got up at 5:43 a.m. because I was in charge of bringing cinnamon rolls to breakfast at my brother’s. It takes about 4 hours start to finish and we were supposed to be there at 10:00. Sigh. A bit later, presents were opened and enjoyed while the dough was slowly rising.

It’s very cold here, so alas, the dough really did rise verrryy slowly to the point where being done by 10:00 am was not going to happen. My son was having far too much fun with his marshmallow blaster. Far too much. At ten my brother called and was informed that we’d be there more like 11:00 or so. Which was right. The 2nd and 3rd rising were also slow.

But we made it over there with piping hot cinnamon rolls about 20 minutes before two of my brother’s kids joined us after morning with their mother. My brother from Santa Barbara was there with his wife, so we had Gramma, Grandpa, five children, four grandchildren and two daughters-in-law there. More presents. Then the white elephant gift exchange which was really really fun. Lots of stealing.

Then home to finish cooking dinner with slightly fewer people. More marshmallow shooter mayhem. I cut up green beans and peeled potatoes. That was my contribution to the cooking effort.

I did get some writing done. Every now and then I managed to sneak off and do some tweaking of stuff in need of tweaking.

Plus, I made my brother do my RAM replacement for my iMac since I was upgrading from 2GB to 4GB. Parallels is much much happier with 1 GB assigned to it. Ah, yes.

Now I’m exhausted and fighting to keep my eyes open.

Tomorrow I will blog about some books I’ve been reading.



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