Reading Books

I finished a non-fiction book called The Survivor’s Club. It was an ARC, so I’ll be writing a review of it pretty soon. Good book.

I’m also reading Dead After Dark an anthology with Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Susan Squires and Diana Love. I just finished the Squires story with just the Love to go. All three have rocked so far. Will finish soon.

I’m reading another book which I won’t mention because it is train-wreck flawed for me. Don’t know if I’ll bother finishing.

Also reading Clown Girl by Monica Drake. This will be a slower read. It’s literary and a bit slow to be about something. But some things are worth waiting for. We’ll see if this one is.

I’ll need to take two books to the gym tomorrow morning since I’ll finish Dead after Dark pretty soon.

Have been thinking about the Dark Elf project a lot. I may start some basic plotting and brainstorming fairly soon.

Off to check the laundry then to bed.



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