More Reading!

I’m reading Jessica Anderson’s Night Keepers which for about 2 pages I wasn’t sure about, and then there was some just wonderful language, and things tightened up and it’s really really good so far. It’s nice when you can relax into a book because you know that author has it under control.

I’m slowly, for some reason, working my way to the end of the Train Wreck book. Much eye-rolling as things continue to get stupider and stupider. The heroine has her TSTL (Too Stupid To Live) moment. But what I need now is a phrase to describe the hero who is Too Emotionally Blocked To Be Allowed Out In Public. Maybe that’s it: TEBTBAOIP. What do you think?

Authors who allow their characters to do things like this in service of the plot really need to be taken out back and spoken to sternly. I’m wondering if this is the downside of the Plot-Driven book. Characters do idiotic things or behave idiotically because, um, otherwise there’s no more story? Dunno. But it’s irritating and I’m feeling dirty for rubbernecking.

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