This weekend I was in Lemoore California for a soccer tournament. 6 hours to get there with Friday traffic and a stop for dinner. 5 hours to get back on Sunday. Thank goodness I wasn’t driving. The woman I drove down with is in a book club and my main job, aside from monitoring the GPS and the boys in the back seat, was to talk to her about books so that she stayed alert. No problem! I can blab about books all day. Six hours of book blabbing was no big deal.

Through the magic of my iPhone, I was able to check email pretty much whenever I felt like it. On Saturday I started getting email requests for bookmarks. Cool, I said to myself. A bit later, it wasn’t really a few, it was over a hundred. As it stands right now there are 360. DON’T do the math. It’s deductible I tell myself. A fair number actually checked out my website and even said they liked my books. Are they all lying? I don’t know why they would. I spent quite a while tonight going through and emailing the people who neglected to include a name and/or address.

The thing is, a bit of Googleing reveals that some people are doing more than emailing for the bookmark. They are checking me out. (waving!!!) and thinking about me and my books. (Yes, Carolyn Jewel’s books rock, you should read them!! Feel free to use your bookmark in my books when opportunity arises.)

My bookmarks are, of course, all purpose and can be used in any book. If you’re a ninja you could probably take someone out with one, though I must say, I consider that an unauthorized and unwise use of a bookmark.

The next best part is the origins: most from the US as you’d expect. But also, Jordan, Spain, Lithuania, Malaysia, India, the UK and Canada. I get a kick out of sending bookmarks overseas. Once, I sent some to Nigeria.

In writing news, I have to work on the paranormal blurbs. But my agent has given me detailed feedback so I have to go write better blurbs for books I won’t ever write — meaning before anyone panics, that what I do write won’t resemble whatever blurb I write.

I have some other writing-related reading to do, too. I’m not ignoring you, Megan! I’ve been emailing all freaking night!

While I was traveling or not watching soccer, I finished Jessica Anderson’s Nightkeepers which I really enjoyed. Then I started The Earl and His Butler in Constantinople which isn’t fiction. It’s pretty interesting. I wish it had come sooner, though. Now I’m reading Diana Holquist’s Sexiest Man Alive which is really cute so far.

Off to read stuff and whatever.


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One Response to “Gosh.”

  1. Megan Frampton says:

    I am SO not worried about it, Carolyn. And what a great reason to take longer! Yay for you and bookmarks (and you know where to send a passel, right?)