First the status post

I fail to understand how I can be NOT on deadline and actually feel like I’m busier and more stressed out than when I am. And yet, this is so. Possibly it’s because I’m no longer ignoring all the stuff I shouldn’t really ignore.


I think there’s something to be said for ignorance.

I found someone to re-do my website and I’m ponying up enough of the green stuff that this time it will be done without me needing to go in and fix (or ignore) stuff that isn’t right under the hood. A timely decision (not really) because my agent just told me I need to carefully differentiate my historicals from my paranormals on my website and blog. Ah, I was able to say to her, I’m having my website redone in the next month or so. The reason I said the decision was "not really" timely is that I started my search and query of designers back in October. I just don’t have the time to fix things anymore. Just don’t.

I took all my 2008 tax receipts out of the tax receipt box and stuffed them in a big old envelope which is now on my desk guilting me about not having put them in excel yet. I will I will!!

Paid bills. Some big ones. urk.

Wrote two (2) synopses in fewer than 10 days. Gack! Waiting to hear back from my agent on them as they will surely need revisions before they get sent off to NY.

Waded though masses of emails because of my bookmarks ending up on freebie sites. 833 requests which I am starting to deal with now (see below). A really, really surprising number mention they are book fans. Hey. Maybe I’ll sell a few books. Got my first request from Russia. I won’t be really excited until someone from China wants one. The Baidu bot crawls my site but I don’t know if I make it past the Great Firewall or not. Maybe I can get Marjorie M. Liu to check for me next time she’s there.

Waded through another mass of emails from my newsletter announcement that Scandal is officially out. I am giving away some books to subscribers only. A LOT of people opened that email. Not very many unsubscribes. I thought there’d be more from people who only signed up because of a previous contest. I’m glad to see them drop off. I only want people who love me on my newsletter list.

Organized more emails about my Critique Contest which is open to anyone. Leave a comment in the post below if you’re interested.

Got my Scandal bookmarks approved and ordered. They should be here shortly. Which means no more ignoring 833 emails about bookmarks. I decided to hold them until I had the Scandal bookmarks.

I did other stuff, too, but it’s way more boring than the stuff I already bored you with.

You’re getting off easy. I, however, did not.


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