Catching up and Stuff

Okay, I still don’t understand how I can be so busy, but there it is. I have too much stuff to do. Of course, Mondays these days last until 6:30 pm when I am finally home to deal with stuff. I get home just in time to take Soccer Boy to his math tutoring thing because he’s bored out of his mind in the Advanced math class. Great. At last, after the review stuff to make sure there weren’t any skills he needed to brush up on, he’s now working on stuff that they haven’t done yet in his class. But really. In an advanced math class, why are any of the kids bored? They’re supposed to be going faster. I am concerned about this. Anyway, after that, it’s grocery shopping. Sigh.

Therefore, I admit right to you all that I am going to bed now. Well, right after I fold the laundry. Then I’m going to bed.

The machete work went well yesterday. That would be machete work on Indiscreet. I figured I should just start revising before I get the revision letter. I’ll be that much further ahead. But not even the weed whacker tonight.

I need some sleep.


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