Monday on Tuesday? What?

Had the day off work today on account of the President’s Day holiday. I spent it mostly doing taxes. At least I can mail them tomorrow.

Contest and Bookmark news

I picked my contest winners for my Newsletter subscriber only contest. Books are being mailed out tomorrow — except for one person who hasn’t supplied a mailing address yet.

Bookmarks will start going out tomorrow, too. Wow, it’s a lot of work.

My critique contest is still open. Leave an entry.


Today I was sitting in the car reading while my son was with his Math tutor – today they started on square roots, which his class hasn’t gotten to yet. Glad to see the review is over and they’ve moved past his classwork. The kid needs to be challenged. Anyway, the Math guy lives pretty close to us, which means he’s almost as in the boonies as we are. I was parked in the airquotes parking lot airquotes from which you can only kind of see the road, mostly it was just trees and green fields. It was really pretty. All of a sudden it got dark. I looked up from my book and saw the clouds overhead were dark dark dark gray. Two seconds later it was pouring so hard I could hardly see out the window. Very dramatic. We’re so rain-starved here that even after a weekend of pretty frequent and hard rain the roads still aren’t flooded.


The book I was reading, I’m sorry to say, was very nearly a Did Not Finish (DNF) even though it was by an author I normally enjoy quite a lot. I read the last 1/3 very quickly. A disappointment.

I started another of my iPhone Harlequin’s and DNF it. Not good for me. Then I started another one and it’s fantastic so far. Wow. I can’t wait to get back to it.

Stupid Author Moves

Another author I won’t mention took it upon herself to sign me up for her newsletter and then spammed me with her stupid newsletter. Man, you can’t do that. Really. Don’t. I don’t want your stupid newsletter. If I did, I’d already be a subscriber. I’m just hopping mad. Deleted the email and removed myself from her list. File this under Stupid Author Moves.

Anyway, gotta work tomorrow. Which means get up early. Which means go to bed early. Think I will do so very soon.


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