Random Things I Love

  • The Penguin Blog. Sorry, no actual penguins here. This is the blog of Penguin Books, UK. Their team of bloggers have the most wonderful and often lovely posts that I just LOVE them. They have some great links on their blog, by the way. I wish more publishers would blog like this. Are British publishers really that much cooler than the American ones?
  • XKCD. This guy is just funny! Hover your mouse over the comic and read the ALT text for even more funny stuff! I’ve posted some of his comics right here in this blog, and bought from his store, too. Major love here. I’m beginning to think physicists are cool.
  • Sparkling water. Bubbles are way cool
  • Cosmic Variance. A really great physics blog. Always interesting.
  • Books (doh!) Paper, electronic, I don’t care. (except DRM sucks) Bring them on! Actually, I guess, I love stories. LOVE them.
  • My iPhone
  • Tacos from Gourmet Taco in Sonoma
  • My tat.
  • Being done with my synopsis and chapters (for now)

What about you? What are some random things you love?



4 Responses to “Random Things I Love”

  1. Black and (a)Broad says:

    1. My electric blanket
    2. My kids’ bedtime
    3. Ricola hard candy

  2. VampFanGirl says:

    1. Weight Watchers 1 point Chocolate Cakes
    2. My Reading Glasses
    3. My Comfy Pants
    4. My Keeper Shelf

    Do I have everything *looks up and rereads list* Yup. Time to read!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Ah, yes, I remember when bedtime was something I loved, too! I like Ricola’s, too.

    Hear hear for comfy pants. And 1 point chocolate cakes? Total win.

  4. ranearia says:

    1.My Mom’s humming
    2.my cat’s purring
    3.Great Books
    4.afternoon naps

    Oh yeah! XKCD is just all-so-great! My friends and I were trying out the chess rollercoster stunt but my friend got caught with the board! DOH~