Unnnhhhh [shuffle shuffle] unnhhhh

In case you don’t recognize the blog title, that’s the audio for a zombie, which would be me. Oh, the humanity!

Ask me if I got any work done today. Go head, ask.

No! No, I did not! If you have any brains you have already snatched back your hand — and in the nick of time, too, I might add. Why? Because I had a lunch meeting (no lunch provided) so I had to eat my lunch at my desk while I caught up and attended to another work matter. I had to go home, throw in a load of laundry then get my son to his Math thing and then take him all the way across town to work on an (unexpected) English project, then go grocery shopping, then home to put away groceries, throw the wash in the drying, then sit down and participate in a chat with FBI Agent Julia Hunter. I missed the first half of it because I was home later than expected. But what an awesome awesome chat. Then my son got a ride home (yes! 15+ miles of driving saved for Mom!) but I had to make him dinner and fold laundry and approve the final design of my new soon-to-be-revealed website.

And now I’m tired and going to bed.

Oh, plus after I finished brushing my teeth, I opened the new floss and it would not dispense the floss no matter what I did. So I give an extra hard tug on the floss and pop the top flies off, the bottom falls down and with me holding onto the end of the floss, I watch my naked roll of floss unroll all the way to the floor. Sure, I have floss now, but mint floss enough for three people. Sigh

But now my teeth are extra minty flossy, and even though I have no money because I mailed bookmarks, books and a prize, I’m still going to bed happy because I get to sleep. My second favorite thing to do.

Good night!

The first favorite thing to do is drink sipping chocolate at Viva Cocolate. All of you come to Petaluma and let’s indulge. Why, what were you thinking?


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3 Responses to “Unnnhhhh [shuffle shuffle] unnhhhh”

  1. Patti O'Shea says:

    My zombie status today might be worse than yesterday. Tried to go to bed early, but even though I was tired, I thought, wow, in “real” time, it’s only 7:45. That was it. No extra sleep for me.

    And dang it, I wanted to go to the chat. I even reminded myself twice and still forgot. I’m blaming zombie-dom.

    Patti (where’s the coffee?)

  2. ranearia says:

    Sleep Tight!

  3. Carolyn says:

    And I’m still tired! Where’s the coffee indeed,

    Thank you, @ranearia, for the good sleep wishes. I need them.