Catching up and Stuff

Things were hopping for a while over here at Carolyn Jewel central.

Sidebar: The border collie is standing at my sliding glass door with her nose pressed against the glass begging to be let in. Normally I’d give in, but she’s obviously been soaking herself in the pond and is completely wet and muddy. Sorry Patch. You’re staying outside for a while!

I had revisions for Indiscreet which were due on an incredibly tight schedule. I ended up doing some major changes – in 10 days with an injured hand. Which is why I pretty much dropped out of sight for 10 days. But now they’re done and my editor is very pleased. Yay! This was combined with some urgent projects at work… Oh gosh. Not a fun 10 days, at all.

Now I’m coming down from 10 days of high tension and sleep deprivation and beginning to relax a bit. I’m starting in on implementing the new website. If you want a preview, check out the blog (if you’re reading in a feed) which has been skinned with the new design. I like it lots.

More later — errands to run.


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One Response to “Catching up and Stuff”

  1. ranearia says:

    go SuperWoman Carolyn! At least now you can take a nice rest~

    aww poor Patch~ Although my cat decided he wanted to play in a water puddle after the recent rain so I can understand *gets a towel to dry*