Birthday Bash!!

My birthday is April 30th. And I am going to celebrate with you! Please send tens and twenties — just kidding!!

Probably I’ll make other prize announcements, but this one might bust the limited funds of the Bank of Carolyn.

1 pound of Leonides Chocolates. You pick your assortment, up to $34.00. I’ll have them shipped to you.

Leave a comment and commit to leaving an email or checking back on 4/30/2009 to see if you’ve won.

Chances are good I’ll throw in an ARC of My Forbidden Desire or something.


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17 Responses to “Birthday Bash!!”

  1. Elyssa Papa says:

    The chocolate looks fantastic (I’ve never heard of Leonides before).

    And Happy (early) Birthday!!!

  2. limecello says:

    🙂 I’ll be comment #1 – Happy early birthday, Carolyn! Go on and have yourself an extravaganza- and a box of those chocolates! They look freaking gorgeous! *drool*

  3. limecello says:

    … or I won’t be. Stupid slow computer. *kicks*

    Haha – if I had $10s or $20s I’d send ’em 😛

  4. Kwana says:

    I sure don’t need the chocolate but would love the ARC and to wish you an early Happy Birthday!

  5. seton says:

    Don’t enter me since I would feel guilty since I won something at your blog recently but I do want to wish you a Happy Birthday.
    Week long celebrations are awesome.

  6. Cybercliper says:

    Happy Birthday to you!!! Chocolate AND My Forbidden Desire – now that’s one sweet prize!!!

  7. bridget3420 says:

    Ooooh! Chocolate and a book, what more could a girl ask for?

  8. Likari says:

    Happy Upcoming Birthday!

    Yum, I’ve never heard of those chocolates, and they look wonderful. The ARC sounds even more delicious, though…

  9. Likari says:

    also: Love the new blog look!!

  10. ranearia says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to youu, Happy Birthday dear Carolyn! Happy Birthday toooooooo youuuuuu!
    Happy Upcoming B-day Carolyn!

  11. Susan/DC says:

    Chocolate IS my forbidden desire. I’ve had Leonides chocolates (for anyone living/visiting the area, a store in Washington called Chocolate Moose sells them), and they are definitely VG. One of my best friends shares a birthday with you, so I’ll include you both in the b-day greetings I’m sending — many happy returns of the day, and warmest wishes for many more.

  12. Jan says:

    Happy Birthday! I finished reading Scandal last week. It was excellent and while I was searching for your back list I found this blog. I plan to order My Wicked Enemy and look forward to reading more of your books.

  13. M. says:

    Dear Ms. Jewel
    happy early birthday! I’m likely to remember the date because it’s a day after my daughter turns 2. She, however, is more interested in Elmo and suchlike…

  14. Y. Bressani says:

    Dear Ms. Jewel,
    Happy early birthday and may I say that, based on twitter pic, you don’t look a day over 25.
    The chocolates look delicious.

  15. darchole says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I’ve heard about those chocolates, how DO they compare to other brands i.e. Godiva?

    Have you tried the Dove ‘desert collection’ dark chocolate tiramisu? I picked some up recently and I recommend trying them, especially if you like dark chocolate.

  16. Michelle (MG) Braden says:

    Happy Birthday, Carolyn! I hope you have a fantastic day.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you are doing something fantastic today, or treating yourself to something scrumptious.

    A little story: Recently, my sister and I took a drive across the border to pick up a package shipped by Amazon. We packed some snacks (not because the forty minute drive requires provisions, but because we don’t go around the corner without snacks), the iPod and my youngest daughter and drove to the Minnesota truck stop/border store where all of us good Northern Ontarians go to pick up packages shipped from the U.S.

    When I got to the counter, I found out that I had not given the correct shipping information and so they weren’t sure which packages were mine. We had to yell the contents of the packages back and forth until they found them all…’My Wicked Enemy?’ check. ‘Lord Ruin?’ yup. ‘Stolen Love?’ check. ‘Passion’s Song?’ uh huh. I am all caught up on your backlist and am eagerly awaiting your next books.

    Alison (

    p.s. the ten or so truckers standing at the counter listening to all this so wished they were taking home my box of books…