The Birthday Bash Continues! Even More Prizes Plus Stuff

Today, delivered two copies of Lover Avenged and I was thinking of returning the extra (ohhh, can I do that to a fellow author?) when I said to myself, Hey, Carolyn, you can give that extra copy as a present for your birthday bash!

All righty! As my birthday approaches (soooo close!) here are today’s prizes:

  1. A cool ceramic plaque that says Believe. Pictured below.
  2. JR Ward’s latest in the BDB saga: Lover Avenged

Here’s a pic of the Believe plaque. Sorry for the bad photo. It’s no more than 5 inches high by 3 inches, roughly. It’s cute, too, and will look really good hanging in a window or by your computer or any place you would like to be reminded that it’s important to believe.
Ceramic Plaque with Hearts and the Word Believe on it.

To have a chance to win these prizes, leave a comment on this post about your favorite Brother, or about something you believe in. Like this: Zsadist is my favorite Brother followed closely by Vishous and I believe both those choices explain why I’m Team Jacob.

Only better, if you want.

If you don’t leave me a way to contact you, check back around May 1 2009 to see if you’ve won.

In writing news (just in case anyone’s curious) I am working on a proposal for my next historical.


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8 Responses to “The Birthday Bash Continues! Even More Prizes Plus Stuff”

  1. limecello says:

    Ok – I have to say… my favorite brother is Hal E Wood. Hollywood, Rhage. Love him. Love Lover Eternal. (Lots of loves there- but it’s one of my favorite books.) I know a lot of people can’t stand Mary, but I’m a fan. She’s trying to keep her suffering from cancer all to herself. (Maybe not the best idea, but admirable all the same.)
    Why Rhage? He’s hot. But more importantly, Mary really changes. He goes all out for her- and falls in love asking nothing in return. It’s really selfless, and he’s only hurt when she tries to turn him away by not allowing him to help.
    They’re also so connected; I just love how Rhage tries to stay away from Mary and can’t, and is… oh adorable. For some reason his story just got to me the most. And his whole beast thing – my goodness. It’s nice how he had his “come upppance” and has grown up and accepted everything by, through, and with Mary.
    And that’s why Rhage and Mary are my favorite BDB couple – and likely why the series still is so high on my list.

  2. Y. Bressani says:

    Vishous has to be my favorite brother. The reason is quite simple – he’s got issues. Okay, okay, so they all do. But wouldn’t knowing that one of your parents is a deity bring forth a whole new set of issues? 🙂

    I believe that everyone has, on some level, the ability to get along with one another and eventually will. This won’t be any time soon (like maybe a few hundred lifetimes), but I think it eventually will happen.

  3. Cybercliper says:

    Vishous is my favorite brother because he is one messed up, tortured brother. Man, I love ’em mean and hard core!!! And if I lived in Ward’s version of Caldwell, NY, I believe I’d be just the gal to tame him!!!!

  4. Megan Frampton says:

    Geez, I like all of them, but I gotta represent for Wrath. But I love Rhage, too.

    I think I’m Team Edward ’cause I like the sparkly. Although I hate being cold, so maybe I gotta snuggle up to Jacob?

    (And did you see my post today, btw? Now you know I love you!)

  5. Kristen Painter says:

    Wow, it’s been so long since I read the last one I can barely remember their names. Which one is the kid in transition? That’s the one I like. John Matthew? Something like that. My brain can barely hold on to the names of my own characters.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Definitely Zsadist. Love how he interacts with Bella (and Nallah!). Rhage is also up there for me.

    And I AM curious as to what you’re up to next historical-wise. I’ve read (and enjoyed) LORD RUIN, THE SPARE and SCANDAL and I am really looking forward to INDISCREET. Keep ’em coming, I say!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh. Wrath. Absolutely Wrath. Since he walked onto the page in Dark Lover, parting the Red Sea of silly humans, since he grew his hair to his hips, since he started sitting in that ridiculous bitty chair at that ridiculous bitty desk and (as I am reading LA as we speak) since he totally scene-stole Rehv’s book away from him. Wrath is my boy.

    As I am the only person with two X chromosomes who thinks Edward is mildly condescending and vaguely creepy in a ‘I could so totally be your great-grandfather’s uncle’ kinda way…I am firmly playing for Team Jacob.

    Happy Birthday!


    p.s. I already have LA, but I could not leave without a little Rah-Rah for Wrath.

  8. cameronsharpe says:

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