Good News and a Request for Assistance

Saturday mornings are my absolute favorite, especially if I get to sleep through them. Alas, not this Saturday. I had a rather large day job implementation that required my early rising after working most of Friday evening. All things considered, the project went remarkably well.

Today my son goes to his cousin’s birthday party and then in the evening leaves for a red-eye to Washington DC with his eighth grade class. I’ll need to do some last minute shopping for that. And then what will I do with myself during an entire week with no youngling?

In between all that, I have to start seriously working on The Next Paranormal. The synopsis for The Next Historical is essentially done and out to readers so I don’t have to stress about that anymore. Good news! And if you’re reading between the lines, yes, I will be writing more paranormals even though I can’t officially say so, it’s unofficially official enough that I have to get cracking as of a couple of weeks ago.

In other good news, and pretty much all thanks to Twitter, I won two things in Brenda Novak’s diabetes fund raiser; Lunch with Barry Eisler and Candy a Month from Hank Phillippi Ryan. (Twitter reminded me I should go bid on something, so I did.) Then I won a True Blood poster, coming to me directly from HBO’s PR office and THEN I won a free ad from the Catanetwork folks! I also got an ARC of Lisa Unger’s Die For You and an ARC of Jaci Burton’s Taken by Sin.

If you’re not on Twitter, how come? Because I also found out on Twitter that Dear Author has My Forbidden Desire as a Recommended Read for June. Woot! Also woot!, MFD made bookscan at 62, which means it’s one of the top 100 romances.

If you all would go buy the book (please!) maybe I could move up the list and hit the top 50.

Name that Heroine!

The Next Paranormal will be about Durian, and his heroine needs a name. Everything is subject to change, but she’s about 26 or so, scrappy, dresses on the punk side, short dark hair with with purple streaks. She might change colors to lime green or something just to tweak Durian. In the proposal, I called her Shelby because for some reason I thought that might work and when I realized it wasn’t going to, it was too late to change it. In chapter one, which I am in the middle of completely rewriting, she is wearing orange high top sneakers.

Here’s the short list of names:

  • Piper
  • Zoe
  • Mischa
  • Pilar
  • Willa
  • Antonia

Mischa is the front runner at the moment, but see below. And now, my request: Got any good ideas for a name? I keep a spreadsheet of cool names and note which ones I’ve used in which books, so here’s an opportunity 1) vote on the list of candidate names and/or 2) help me add to my list and maybe even come up with the name I end up using (if you do, full credit in the acknowledgments) by suggesting your own character names.

A few parameters:

  • Her name can’t start with D since the hero’s name already starts with D.
  • Her name probably shouldn’t start with M either since Maddy is a major secondary character who is likely to get some page time
  • Other starting letters that probably won’t work: K, A and X.
  • ethnic names are completely welcome and probably privileged

Leave your suggestions and votes in the comments. Thank you.


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13 Responses to “Good News and a Request for Assistance”

  1. readerwave says:

    I like Willa

  2. limecello says:

    I suggested Tianna last night – the girl I know with that name is Vietnamese. Or Hanh? Thanh? (All Vietnamese)
    Lana? Thais (Brazilian)? Adela (some sort of Latin American :X)
    Agnes (South African) Anjali/Anjani (both Indian).
    Brenna? Laule?
    Choulene (Cantonese)? Cortney? Laree?
    Giulia (Italian). Jenafer? Keely?
    Mirae (Korean). Terren.
    … there I've maxed out the "unique" names of my facebook friends. lol. If anything, hopefully one of those names will work for another character.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do you want a short, zippy name or a longer name that indicates a mother with an imagination? I like Sydney for a short name, indicative of adventure to foreign places. I also like Llewellyn as a longer, Welsh name, indicative of belief in fairies and the like. Nicknames would be Sid or Lew (very tomboyish).
    -Susan in AZ

  4. Anonymous says:

    Character sounds like a good fit for Piper. What about Randi? or Sam(antha)? Corie? Becka?

    too many options.. lol.. good luck!

  5. Cybercliper says:

    Hi Carolyn,
    Voting on one from your list, I like Zoe, Greek for ‘Life’. From what you described, she sounds animated, passionate, colorful, living life to the fullest but with secrets – like life itself has.

    As for suggestions, I like Shana or Trinity. My two most favorites (perfect for twin warriors, male or female) not suggested for your current heroine, but I always thought they were pretty cool names: Ariel (lion of God) and Arias (air).

    Already have my copy of My Forbidden Desire and am glad to hear officially unofficially that more paranormal may be coming in the future!!

  6. lindseye says:

    I like the name Zoe. Also Niamh Irish pronounced Neve. I used to keep a list of names I liked from articles and books I read but it has long since disappeared. I have finished My Forbidden Desire which I read in 2 days. I need another story. I have absolute faith you will find a name to match Durian's.

  7. limecello says:

    lol – also, ok, now I can't help but ask, what…where is the hero from? Because I can only associate him with the fruit: :X

  8. Glynis says:

    Piper is the surname of my future daughter in law, so from your list that would be the one.
    I saw Durian and thought of Sophia

  9. Anonymous says:

    I tend to think of Mischa as a nickname for a man.

    I have always like the sound of Thais ("Tye-eece"?)

    Willa is a good one.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I like the name Peyton.

  11. Susan/DC says:

    I'm with limecello — you may want to rethink the hero's name, at least in any Vietnamese edition of your book. The fruit is extremely smelly and tastes exactly like it smells. I forget who compared it to a Stilton cheese that's been buried for two weeks and then dug up. People love it or hate it, and must admit I'm in the latter camp. This would be one of those hard to overlook names because the association is so strong.

  12. carolsnotebook says:

    I'm glad Durian's story is next. From your list, I like Pilar. What about Leah?

  13. Carolyn says:

    Thank you, everyone, for all the great name suggestions. For now, I'm using Zoe, but that may change… I may also change the antagonists name.

    As for Durian, I took the name from a person who was on a SQL Server database list I was on. Since its an international list, there a lot of unusual names. And there was someone on the list named Durian. I can't really do anything about his name, even if people do think about the fruit, since he's had that name since My Wicked Enemy. But Durian, as it turns out, is a not uncommon surname in the Philippines.

    I guess he'll just have to be super bad ass…