My One True Love…

Tomorrow I’ll be at ComicCon in San Diego at the Hachette Books booth signing FREE copies of My Forbidden Desire starting at 10:00 am. If you’re around, please come by. That would be awesome indeed. Since I have an early flight I’ll be leaving for a Park N Fly hotel tonight. If I’d had my brain on straight I would have arranged this for Saturday when I wouldn’t have to worry about commute traffic. I’ve flow down and back in a day before, it’s a bit tiring, but completely doable.

And, Saturday is, apparently, the cast signing for HBO’s True Blood, including my One True Love, Alexander Skarsgard. He plays Eric.

Commiserate with me. This is sad indeed that I will not see him. Sniff. OTOH, I’m hoping my badge will permit me to wander around and look at stuff. Maybe poke my head into a panel or two. The worrywart in me insists on worrying that I won’t be able to wander around and I’ll be stuck doing nothing until my flight back. It’s not easy being a worrywart.

It’s getting on to the time when I need to be feeding the boy and figuring out what I’m taking. Laptop? yes, I think so. In case I can’t wander. Or maybe not. Maybe it will be too big at PITA to bring. OTOH again, maybe I should because sometimes crowds freak me out and a laptop would be a good thing to hide behind once I’m done with the signing bit. You see my issues? I won’t have a place to stash anything like a carry on bag so maybe I’ll bring along my RWA bag or my huge green Dell bag just in case there’s swag to carry away.

Worry worry worry.

Now watch something remarkable:

Let it all go, Carolyn. It’s one freaking day. Bring the damn laptop because it’s not heavy, it’s named Fang, after Mr. Skarsgard, and bring the green Dell bag because it will scrunch up easily in the laptop bag.

Ahh, yes. Off to cook dinner and then drive to the airport hotel. I will tweet for sure and maybe even blog.


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