Weekends I Need you So Bad!

I’ve been running a sleep deficit for too long and I’m having trouble catching up. I’d already run up a deficit prior to RWA, made it worse during RWA then went to ComiCon the following weekend and then just didn’t catch up — because I imagine I’m several hours in the hole. When that happens, I end up skipping the gym because I’m so desperate for just another hour of sleep. Too many times lately I find myself doing some task only to realize with a start that I’ve closed my eyes and nearly– or in fact –fallen asleep for a moment or two. Not a good thing. Too much falling asleep when I’m supposed to be writing at lunchtime.

Today I went to my local RWA meeting which, as ever, was time wonderfully spent with other writers. Ahhhh! But it also meant I had to set the alarm this morning rather than just sleep until I woke up. It should be no surprise, therefore, that I just woke up from a 1.5 hour nap.

Not getting enough sleep makes you stupid in really insidious ways. So I really really need to catch up. I’ll be working on it. Naps ahoy!

In other news, I have a signed ARC for Skin Game by Ava Gray who, as you may or may not know, is Ann Aguirre. Here’s the delicious first line:

Kyra held the guy’s balls in the palm of her hand.

Yeah, that means what you think it means. When I’m done reading it, I will hold a contest to pass the ARC love to someone else so watch this space.


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