Reading and Writing.

Today I worked from home because this was the only day I could get my baby registered for high school. (How did that happen?) He got his paperwork all turned in, got his picture taken, got his schedule and I bought P.E. clothes and paid $420 for him to take the bus to school. He’s in Geometry which is good except that with the math tutor I take him to, he’s already been through and done with 9th grade Geometry. He wants to find out if he can test out of it and take Algebra 2 instead. We’ll see.

Interestingly enough, my son struggled to learn to read, in part, I think because it was the only thing he actually had to work at. But we got him over the hump, he learned to read and caught up quickly with his classmates. The thing is I’ve always thought of him as not as strong in language skills as he is in, say, Math and Science. But every year since about 3rd grade he tests higher in ability, from slightly below his grade level to grade level and now, he actually tests as not just proficient but advanced.

For anyone who worries about a child who is having trouble with reading (and is not learning disabled) I think I can say that this doesn’t mean he or she is doomed to poor performance forever.

Until he was about 12 I think, I read to him every single night. I read him books well above his grade level as well as books at his level. I bought him books, and, of course, he’s surrounded by avid readers. And there are certain books he inhales the minute they come out. And now that he’s picking his own books, he has a pretty remarkable open-mindedness about what to read. And somewhere along the way, he seems to have improved his language skills to the point where I can’t point to anything and tell him he needs to work at it more. This, DESPITE the fact that he spends too much time playing World Of Warcraft.

Anyway, just wanted to mention that kids can catch up as long as they have support in the effort.

As for writing, right now, it’s going slower than I like. I started freaking about how my hero and heroine in The Next Paranormal hardly interact so I started cutting other characters out of the scenes and getting my two together. Seems obvious now. But I caught it fairly early. But this means I’m cutting a lot so although I’m adding word count it’s not 1000, more like 500 ish. However, I can report that I really like how it’s coming out now. There was a nice little shift in dynamics that I’m looking forward to working — if I can just get through this cut-the-crap bit.

I have 42.7K words, which is good, but critical mass is about 10-20k words away.

My son is going camping with my bother and his family until the day before school starts so I’m going to have several days with a Monday and Tuesday off to get myself caught up and moving on.

Wish me luck.


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2 Responses to “Reading and Writing.”

  1. Cybercliper says:

    Best of luck Carolyn. Just watched you and Gena on the Author Talk clip posted over at Dear Author. I must say you took Gena out much quicker that I thought possible – she stirkes me as a fiesty gal 🙂 Jill's a hoot – fun Clip!!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thanks! I'm tougher than I look.

    I adore AuthorTalk. I watch them all the time!