Rant Alert! (Not On the Subject of Writing)

A bit of background first. I manage my parents’ bills. They’re elderly and well, at any rate, it became clear a while back that the bills needed to be managed. So, I do that. Also my father has severely reduced dexterity in his hands.

My father has a cell phone. I doubt he makes or receives more than five calls a month on it. But he likes having it with him when he goes into town. He’s been on AT&T for quite a long time and his phone is now giving up the ghost. The battery needs to be recharged every day. No problem, I said! You’re probably eligible for a free phone by now anyway. I’ll take care of getting you a new phone.

Today, I looked. Now, his current plan is $22 a month give or take. He’s actually looked around for other phone plans, including pay as you go. He loves doing that. When he’s done looking for deals (for whatever) he tells me what he wants and I take care of it. He can’t find a phone plan that offers a phone at less than he’s paying now AND that he can actually use, with his reduced dexterity. So, he figures, why switch? But now he needs a new phone.

Right. So I looked and AT&T had 3 phones they were willing to offer free with a 2 yr sign up. One was just too ugly to bear, the other was a horrible red and too small, but the other looked half way decent and also like he’d be able to use it. Cool!

I put it in the shopping cart and then found out that the cheapest service was $39.99 per month. WTF? Almost twice what he’s paying now?

I called up AT&T and repeated my basic question, only nicer. The nice man at AT&T said, We have a senior plan. Well, yay, I’m thinking. How much is the senior plan? $29.99 per month.

WTF? What kind of senior plan is that?

(Note, it’s never good when you’re thinking WTF multiple times while Customer Service is servicing you.)

About now I’m thinking I can just take the SIM out his phone, stick it in my old RAZR and keep him on his current plan and to heck with their stupid senior plan. The downside to that idea is that my RAZR is pink. Now, my father wouldn’t care about a pink phone. He would wear fluffy bunny pants if he got them on super sale and be proud of the money he saved. This is why we never let him leave the house without checking to see if his clothes have extra ventilation. Holes don’t bother him (never have!) if the shirt still buttons or the pants mostly zip. (A life long issue for him.)

But then I have a brilliant idea. Port his phone number to my AT&T family plan and pay only $9.99 a month. So we go through the whole transfer thing, get permission from my mother (complicated story, but FYI, be careful what credit card you use to set up your phone service, apparently the card holder is tied forever and ever to that account and nothing can ever change this.) Now, my mother is essentially deaf but I put my trusty iPhone on speaker, crank up the volume and let her talk to the AT&T guy and we get permission to port the account to my plan.

I was on hold a really long time waiting for the Transfer Team and finally the nice man comes back and says, there’s a long wait, here’s their direct line just in case, but please continue holding. I say, Okay and thanks!

And then he disconnects me.

That’s it. I really can’t talk about it any more. I’ll call back Monday and pray for strength.


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5 Responses to “Rant Alert! (Not On the Subject of Writing)”

  1. LorelieLong says:

    Yeah, I gotta call Verizon on Monday and ask them why, when I called 6 weeks ago to add text messages to DH's phone, that didn't happen and *my* text plan was reduced. *sigh*

  2. Juli says:

    I don't think AT&T should be allow to call what they do to customers "service." There are other names for it on Urban Dictionary!

  3. RKCharron says:

    Hi 🙂
    I can empathize with your plight.
    The bigger the corporation the less they place value on individuals.
    Sending you best wishes,

  4. Cybercliper says:

    Hi Carolyn…don't know if it's too late or not but I had the same problem with bad phone but plan to good to give up. My contract had also expired so that means being talked into a new contract which I hate. If your Dad's phone is as old as I think it is, that means it has a SIM card. Just go to Radio shack – they have phones for $20 or more – you can open the back of the Dad's old phone, pull out the SIM card and put it into the new phone. Dad's phone number will automatically go with the SIM card to the new phone!!!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Thank you everyone for your support. It reduces the brain damage.

    Cyberclipper, if I'd kept him with his plan, I would def have gone the new phone route you suggest. Though we would have had a challenge finding one he could use. But the transfer plan should only cost $10.

    Not that it matters now because today he lost the phone.