In which progress is made

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Right. Get your mind off Viking vampires, Carolyn.

I’m transferring paper edits of The Next Paranormal to my document today. And I am, in a sick kind of way, happy to say that I did some massive chapter order re-ordering. The pacing was off. Way off. I’ve moved some bits from one place to another because I’ve got split actions and they need to be consolidated. I’ve also handwritten a big portion of a new chapter — just enough to set in my mind what I want to happen. I have 49K and really, really want to be at 80K by end of this month. I’m 2K behind target though.

In other news, my agent has sent my historical proposal to my editor and since this is Publishing we’re talking about it’s time to hurry up and wait. Hopefully they won’t want chapters because I’m not sure how I could hit 80K for the WIP and also bang out proposal chapters too.

I suppose it’s safe enough to say that I’ve signed the contract for two more paranormals, but until they sign their end, it’s not officially official.

Since I’m up too late, time to go to bed.


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One Response to “In which progress is made”

  1. Cybercliper says:

    Did I read correctly – TWO more paranormals???? ALL RIGHT ((happy dance)) WHOOO HOOOO!!! Yes, I'm a happy reader right now even if I do have to wait – it'll be worth it!! Congratulations…