Guest Review of Skin Game

Angela Robbins was the winner of the ARC (Advance Reading Copy) of Ava Gray’s November release, Skin Game. Herewith is Angela’s wonderful review. You won’t be able to resist!

Skin Game, Ava Gray, ARC, Publication date: 11-03-2009

Ava Gray prefaces her book by telling us that Skin Game was a glimmer and a "what if" brainstorm session with her assistant. Fortunately, for all of us Ava’s glimmer to write a paranormal romance was more than just a fleeting flash.

Kyra, the heroine possesses a gift, and that is with a touch of her hand she embezzles someone’s strongest skill and uses it against them. Reyes, hired by someone in Kyra’s recent past to track her down and bring her to justice, is a cold, calculated mercenary who discovers that when it comes to Kyra she has the ability to steal from Reyes more than just his skill. The concept alone is clever, but Skin delves us deeper into the heart and motives of the characters than simply asking us to take a back-seat ride into a string of cons, revenge and romance.

This book is sharp, fast and filled with dead-on characters I could bump into (though some of them I may not want to) on the street on any given day. They are witty, current and highly memorable. Kyra is not your typical heroine, nor is Reyes your everyday hero, yet I was rooting for them all the way. Both have a dark, gritty side that makes them more than just believable and gives them a special connection.

Ava’s writing captivates. Her vivid action style kept me turning the pages and wanting more, more, more. In fact, I literally did not want to put the book down until it was finished. I recommend Skin Game to anyone who enjoys a fresh, clever, and very sexy story with a tight action-packed plot of danger and paranormal intrigue.

Angela Robbins


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