Carolyn About The Town

Today I was at Riskey Regencies (where we will be interviewing Katherine Caskie on 9/16) with a contest and four questions for your consideration. Check it out!

I was also over at Racy Romance Reviews where I was one of three people talking about True Blood Season 2. Drop by and share your opinion.


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One Response to “Carolyn About The Town”

  1. Angie says:

    I could NOT resist posting my own comments about TB Season 2 over at Racy Romance Reviews(under Angela). I am a Blood addict, books and show.

    If you are bored or ever care to read it, I'm sure you'll agree with my Eric take.

    My TB Mantra: Need More Eric. Come on. Chant it with me, Carolyn…

    Angie, Angela, Skin Game Arc Winner