Head Down Writing Hard

The Next Paranormal is due November 1, so I have my head down and my fingers to the keyboard. I may not be posting too often between now and them. We’ll see how desperate things get.

Anyway, my tentative title is My Beloved Assassin but they’ve hated all my titles so far so I expect that to be shot down.

I also need a series title. Carolyn’s Paranormal Extravaganza is the best suggestion so far.

Am in big trouble.

Back to work.


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6 Responses to “Head Down Writing Hard”

  1. Morning Glow says:

    Good luck!! And I think "Carolyn's Paranormal Extravaganza" is an excellent series title. I'd read it!

    Teehee. Don't work yourself too hard! Good luck and happy writing!

    Morning Glow

  2. darchole says:

    I've just been calling the series 'Fiend'. Not that original.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Heh. Someone suggested "darkland" or something like that, which is better than CPE yet less descriptive than "fiend"


    Back to writing.

  4. darchole says:

    Make naming the series a contest and for the prize give away a synopsis of the next book.

  5. Carolyn says:

    @darchole The contest idea is a good one. But trust me, no one should ever be stuck with a synopsis for a book I haven't written yet.

    My agent cries when she knows I'm sending her a synopsis to look at.

    The synopsis that gets sent to my editor with the proposal bears NO resemblance to the book I turn in. None.

    But the contest idea is a really good one.

  6. Anonymous says:

    any content coming ?