I NEED this book

Harvard neurologist Marie Pasinski, M.D.’s BEAUTIFUL BRAIN, BEAUTIFUL YOU, with Jodie Gould, showing how to turn "Bad Brain Days" into "Beautiful Brain Days" — days when we are at the top of our game mentally, emotionally, and physically; combining research in neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to remodel itself), with lifestyle-changing advice from her Brain Health Initiative in a program that will alter the chemistry of your brain and take years off your mental age and, yes, make you more beautiful, to Gretchen Young at Voice, by Linda Konner.

From Pub Lunch. How soon will it be out?

Not soon enough because I need that right now.

Deadline approaching. Watch out.



One Response to “I NEED this book”

  1. Sandra Schwab says:

    You should come to my house and let me feed you with cake.