W00t!!! The Fork is Out!

Oh frabjous day!

My book is done and turned in. And here’s something I LOVE about technology – I can email my manuscript. To my agent and my editor at the same time. No having to be done a day or more in advance so you have time to print and fed ex the monster. No need to buy expensive bond paper.

Yes folks, it’s time for the fork:

How am I celebrating, you ask? By going to see Paranormal Activity. We’re leaving in about an hour and a half.

Next up:

The synop for Iskander’s story
Starting NaNoWriMo because I would LOVE to have 50K of that book done by December.

Off to celebrate.



One Response to “W00t!!! The Fork is Out!”

  1. Patti O'Shea says:

    Congratulations, Carolyn!