Books I’ve read or Am Reading Now

I LOVED the Ryan books. I keep wishing there were more to pick up because the Voice is so wonderfully conversational. And every book had 2-3 lines that just impressed the hell out of me.

The Monroe book was my very first Harlequin Blaze that I didn’t get free. It was cute and fun and I’ll be looking for more of her work plus reading more from Harlequin, too.

In Progress

These three books rock. The last one is interesting but I do think she missed the point of Bronte’s Vilette. I have a way to go, but it’s actually in line with some interesting and hyperbolic conversation that’s been going around on the Interwebz lately. I’ll be posting on that in a day or two I think.

Off to post chapter 1 of The Last Paranormal which I have tentatively titled My Beloved Assassin. I have started work on The Next Paranormal and am wondering if there is any hope of catching up in NaNoWriMo.



3 Responses to “Books I’ve read or Am Reading Now”

  1. Rosie says:

    So jealous of that Ava Gray book. *heavy sigh*

    Now I'm off to scope out the excerpt of MY BELOVED ASSASSIN. Sounds promising!

  2. Carolyn says:

    You know, Skin Tight is awesomely good….

    Not that I would ever tease.

  3. Hank Phillippi Ryan says:

    Carolyn! You amazing woman. Thank you so much! Wow. I am so delighted you like the books–it's hard to jump up and down and type at the same time, but that is what I am doing.

    Thank you!

    (And someday, I'd love to hear what you especially liked…)