I can’t be silent about this either

This what my father told me.

In 1957 (before I was born) my father started his medical Residency in San Bernardino California. San Bernardino is in Southern California. Not that far from the Mexican border.

In 1957, abortion was illegal in California.

Every Wednesday, my father told me, the Emergency Room was filled with women who had been to Mexico for an abortion the previous weekend. By Wednesday, they were dying of septic shock. Like clockwork.

He treated women who did the following things because they were desperate not to be pregnant:

  • Threw themselves down stairs
  • Immersed themselves in tubs of near boiling water
  • Used knitting needles and coat hangers on themselves

Here’s the truth. When abortion is unavailable or illegal, pregnant women die.

My father is one of the most politically conservative men I know. And he is Pro-Choice because he personally saw what happens when that choice does not exist.

The U.S. Congress wants to put us back to those days.

For shame. For shame.

Do you have a daughter, sister, mother or wife?



5 Responses to “I can’t be silent about this either”

  1. BCB says:

    That this is even an issue up for — I can't dignify it by calling it "debate" — that this is even as issue AT ALL is shameful and insupportable.

    I won't be silent either.

  2. Ann Aguirre says:

    Why is this legislation even on the table? What year is this again?

  3. SonomaLass says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Carolyn. Having lived over a decade in a state where abortion was very difficult to get, thanks to limited availability and state restrictions, I know some horror stories too. The choices involved in dealing with an unintended pregnancy are complicated; our society shouldn't do anything to make that situation any more difficult for women.

    It's wrong to hold women's choices, even their lives, hostage. And IMO, that's what the Republicans in the House did, by making this the price of health care reform. I am angry that we don't have a majority of legislators who can see that ploy as unacceptable.

  4. Rosie says:

    It's hard to be happy about Congress finally doing something…anything about health reform when a sneaky rider like this is added on at the 11th hour. My husband clued me in when it was announced the bill had passed in the House.

  5. Lisa Hughey says:

    I was listening to political commentary about this–they aren't banning abortions, just prohibiting insurance companies from paying for them (which will have the same effect IMHO)

    My first thought was some congressmen/women managed to turn Health care reform into a platform for their religious beliefs 🙁 (and just so I'm clear–I am independent-I don't vote party lines and I have nothing against religion!)