Liz Maverick spills the Beans . . . Win an ARC!

Today I’m putting author Liz Maverick on the spot. She has a new book out, Crimson & Steam which is another installment of the her Crimson City Series AND it’s Steampunk. Hoo-ya!
Photo of author Liz Maverick
Keep reading to find out how you could win 1 of 3 ARCs for Crimson & Steam. But wait! There’s more! You could also find out how you might win a free Kindle and some books by yours truly. (That would be me! Doh.)

About the Book

Did you check out the cover blurb? From Sherrilyn Kenyon. Squeee! For those of you reading via the RSS feed or who don’t see the image, it says, and I quote: An outstanding, amazingly written thrill-ride!

I’ve known Liz for a few years now and well, she’s just so funny and nice and so cool. I was lucky enough to write a book in her fantastic Crimson City series so I can totally attest to its awesomeness as a series.

Cover of Crimson Steam by Liz Maverick

Part paranormal historical set in Victorian England, part classic-Crimson City near-future thriller, Crimson & Steam has the heart of a vampire soulmate romance. The book revives characters and settings beloved by existing fans of the USA Today bestselling Crimson City series but introduces new and old readers alike to the series’ werewolf and vampire “Steampunk” beginnings. . . a mystery finally revealed.

Read an excerpt from Crimson Steam

Already convinced? You can buy or pre-order a copy

Carolyn Questions Liz

You write about vampires, mechs and other supernatural creatures. And now there’s this Steampunk stuff. Punk? Come on! Do your parents ever worry about you? Please discuss. (Some of us have family who do worry. Any strategies for avoiding uncomfortable questions?)

If you’re asking whether my parents think writing romance novels with superhuman characters is weird and are worried about the state of my sanity, that would be no.


I’m always doing some weird project or going on some unusual adventure. Besides, at some point one’s parents seem to get used to one’s eccentricities. I think they’d be more worried if I stopped.

Or did I misunderstand your question. . . are you asking if my parents are concerned I might be dabbling in the occult? Yeah, that hasn’t come up yet. Maybe at Thanksgiving. 😉

Well, now that you mention it. . . Can you check back here after T-Day and let us know?

You are known for your coolness and on-the-edge take-no-prisoners style, including fashion. Suppose someone wanted to be cool, too, but is coolness impaired. Do you have any tips for those of us who wish to be more awesome but lack the awesome-cool gene? Is there a store we can shop at? Books or magazines we should read? Shoes to avoid?

Um. . .er. . . huh. I will secretly consult my dog-eared volume of Binkleys Cool is More Than Just a Four-Letter Word. Ah, the summary at the end of Chapter 6. That looks good.

Checking Amazon for the book…

  • 98.7% of Australians do not think of Uggs as a positive fashion-statement. Nor should you. Who knew?
  • Never be afraid to buy something when you don’t need it. Especially if it’s metallic, on sale or vaguely historical-looking. If it’s all three, buy two. My life has just changed. I did NOT know!
  • Go purchase some new underwear and bras. Right. Now. You totally deserve it. Yes, you do. I said, NOW. Checking Victoria’s Secret for metallic brassieres that look like cones (Does that count as historical?)

This is a two part question. You are in a major metropolitan area where most people wear black. It’s 2:00 am, there’s a full moon, and you are heading home from a night of Slam Poetry. (You won!) First, what’s in your pocket(s)? Second, as you round a corner, you come face to face with a werewolf, a zombie and vampire. The werewolf is salivating, the zombie is missing his left ear and the vampire looks really, really thirsty. What do you do?

In pocket: NYC subway card, keys, license, credit card, cookie fortune from the awful Chinese place around the corner: “Remain calm in an emergency crisis.” on one side, Chinese to English translation for the word, “umbrella” on the other. I’ve been holding on to it in case I find myself in a bad situation on a rainy day in Shanghai.

Mine says, “You are a practical and reasonable person.” The restaurant wouldn’t give me my money back. The Chinese on the other side translates to “squeegee” I wonder what that means?

What do I do?

Werewolf eats zombie, vampire drains werewolf. (Why does this remind me of ro-sham-boh?) I’m left with a vampire which really isn’t so bad, all things considered. I offer him a card swipe going Downtown; I’m going Uptown.

Damn, you’re good.

Eric or Bill? Edward or Jacob? (Let me know if you need pictures to decide.)

Eric. Is that a serious question? Edward/Jacob…dunno. I didn’t read or see. So much for being cool.

No, I wasn’t serious at all. I knew you’d pick Eric. The way I know you’d pick Jacob.

Anything coming down the pike from you that we should know about and prepare for?

It’s all about Crimson & Steam, baby.
Me want!

How to enter to Win an ARC

To have a chance to win one of three (3!) ARCs of Crimson & Steam you have to first agree to read the book if you win, and post a review somewhere, either on your own blog, Amazon or elsewhere on the internetz. Or you can send me your review and I’ll post it here.

Cool with that? Then comment on this post and give your own answer to one of the questions I asked Liz. Any mention of the hotness of Alexander Skarsgard would be greatly appreciated, but will not increase your chances of winning. If your commenter ID does not take me to someplace where I can contact you if you win, you need to either leave an email (You can leave out the @ and . etc) in your comment or commit to check back by midnight (Pacific) Saturday 11/28 to see if you won.

How to enter to win other stuff

Head on over to Liz’s facebook page and enter her contest to win a Kindle and some free books. Woot!!

Also head on over to Liz’s place because she’ll be giving away a signed copy of my historicals Scandal and Indiscreet.


7 Responses to “Liz Maverick spills the Beans . . . Win an ARC!”

  1. Angie says:

    Naturally, I agree to read Crimson & Steam. It would be a little silly to want to enter a contest if I didn't want the prize. I would also write a review. Since I've done that before, I've shown I'm true to my word. As well, I won't fret over doing it as much as I did the first time.

    If I'm alone at 2:00 am during a full moon, I'm probably going to get in deep doo doo with my husband- tee hee. However, if he agrees to allow me a fantasy or two, then here goes:
    I would know I was safe with the werewolf, because he would be Alcide Herveaux. I would cast a spell that made me look just like Sookie Stackhouse and he'd be putty in my hands. The vampire would be Eric -Alexander Eric- so there's another uber-sexy supernatural on my side, and I'll take Alexander Eric on any side I can get him on!

    The zombie… well, I'm sure with Alcide on my left arm and Eric on my right, the zombie would be dead meat- oh, wait that's a little redundnant, but you get the picture.
    Then we would skip happily ever after back to Bon Temps and have a wicked good time!

    v-v Angie

  2. Anonymous says:

    The book sounds interesting!

    Answer: Neither. I'm not a fan of abusive men.

    If that disqualifies me, I'm okay with that. 🙂

    xaellie at gmail dot com


  3. Tina Spear says:

    Can't wait until the book comes out – will definitely read it.

    And no question: Eric, now there's a true hottie! Bill is just way too tame.

    bettina at

  4. Melissa Blue says:

    I'd totally review for a free book. I'm easy like that. And, yes I'm leaving that last line there with all it's connotations.

    Um, how to be cool? Well coolness is a state of mind. If you think you are cool, you are. The whole build it and they will come.

    But then again you'll probably only be cool in your own mind.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wil definitely read and review book!

    Hmmm… Have to admit neither vamp in TB really do it for me but if i had to pick, it would surely be the cute blonde tough one 🙂

    Twilight ones are just slightly too freaky looking or is that just me? Now if there was a Sawyer (from Lost) vamp I'd be first in line to donate… Purely for research purposes of course 😉

    topazz.topazz AT gmail DOT com

  6. SciFiGuy says:

    Eric or Bill? BILL. Edward or Jacob? JACOB. Although for the record I much prefer the ladies. I'd love to review Crimson & Steam. Love the series and think I've read them all except for the story collection.

  7. Angie says:

    Were any winners declared? I didn't find an 11/28 post.
    Just curious…