Even More of Carolyn’s December Extravaganza

I have 3 copies of Zoe Archer’s Half Past Dead

Cover of Half Past Dead by Zoe Archer
In this round, there are three books up for grabs AND you get two stories by two great authors.

Samuel Reed had no idea magic existed, until it almost destroyed him. Thirsting for vengeance against the enemy who made him something less than human, Sam returns to England and crosses paths with Cassandra Fielding. His best friend’s little sister has become a fearless woman on a dangerous mission of her own. And against all odds, she sees past what he’s become, and stirs a desire he thought he’d lost forever….

Two…novellas combine themes of love and zombies. Vintage horror, high adventure, and soul-aching romance blend in Archer’s compelling The Undying Heart, prequel to the upcoming Blades of the Rose trilogy…. Readers [will] love Archer’s powerful, polished tale.
— Publisher’s Weekly

Four Stars! These zombie stories stand out in a genre dominated by vampires. The two tales of lovers reunited feature strong, courageous women who won’t let zombies stand in the way of getting their man. Archer’s imaginative and unusual tale will have you cheering for the characters, while D’Arc delivers a creepy and pulse-pounding story of danger.
— Romantic Times

So, three of you will win a copy of this book. Awesomeness.

Here’s how to throw your hat in the ring:

Leave a comment (and a way to contact you) in which you answer one of the following Three Questions

Question 1

If you woke up one day and discovered you could do magic (NB: This does NOT make you god-like) would you:

  1. Quit your day job and schedule a long vacation to Paris
  2. Serve up some revenge. Ice cold
  3. Read the Manual you found on the foot of your bed, THEN serve up some revenge, arctic style
  4. Only use your powers for good
  5. Other.(Please explain)

Question 2

Speculate on why Yours Truly is so fixated on revenge.

Question 3

Look down. What’s on your feet? How come?

You have until Thursday December 17th to get your comment in.




17 Responses to “Even More of Carolyn’s December Extravaganza”

  1. Healing Hands says:

    question one I'd have to say I'd use my powers for good, but secretly and if I could fly I'd visit a new country every weekend!

    Kai Charles

    @yogina20 twitter

  2. Camille says:

    It depends on the magic I can do but I suppose I would only use my power for good; revenge can sometimes beknown as justice ;P

    email is midnite.fantasy@gmail.com

  3. Kinsey Holley says:

    Hubby's socks. Because my house is drafty and my feet stay cold.

    I want that book!


  4. Stacy~ says:

    #1. I'd take that long vacation, though I would pick somewhere warm. Hawaii perhaps…

    trelainastarblazer@ yahoo dot com

  5. Rochelle says:

    Answer to Q.1
    serve up some revenge ice cold 😀

    swtchillli@hotmail.com (yes that's 3 L's)

  6. Julie says:

    My socks and the laptop's power adapter, because it is bloody freezing here. 🙁

    julieguan AT gmail DOT com

  7. Pearl says:

    Answer to Q 3

    Warm fluffy black socks wrapped in a green blanket because my feet are perpetually cold, even when the rest of my body is warm.

    pearl (at) realmsonourbookshelves (dot) com

  8. RKCharron says:

    Hi Carolyn 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    If I woke up one day and discovered I could do magic I would read the Manual I found on the foot of my bed, THEN serve up some revenge, arctic style.
    Yours Truly is so fixated on revenge… because it makes for great stories?
    What's on my feet? Nothing. Bare feet and pajamas wrapped in a comfy warm comforter.
    Happy Holidays,

  9. carolsnotebook says:

    I'd quite my job and go on that long vacation, no contest.

    carolsnotebook at yahoo dot com

  10. Susan in AZ says:

    If I Woke up one day able to do magic, I would … (ta-da) Open a Magic Shop!

    Carolyn is still angry with Harlequin publishing

    I look down at my feet and see Mukluks! That's right, Arizona mountains are cold on December mornings.

    email to kb7ypf@yahoo.com

  11. Megan Frampton says:

    I would only use my powers for good–meaning I'd use my powers to look good; I'd slim my hips down, take the gray out of my hair and get some rockin' new clothes.

    And if someone was envious, well, that'd be good, right?

    I've got Christmas socks on. Why? 'Cause I have like a gazillion pairs, gotta wear them all before the 24th.

    You know how to reach me.

  12. joder says:

    1. If I could do magic I'd use my powers for good. I'd become a police officer or a firewoman and save even more people with my magic.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  13. Lizzielvr says:

    Hello Carolyn!

    Question 2
    I'm thinking OCD probably plays a part in that!JK!

    smgalley at sbcglobal.net

  14. Lizzielvr says:

    Hello Carolyn!

    Speculate on why Yours Truly is so fixated on revenge? Maybe OCD is the cause…JK!

    smgalley at sbcglobal.net

  15. SonomaLass says:

    Quit the day job FOR SURE; Paris maybe eventually, but there are other places I'd go first. Hawaii!!!!

    Don't enter me in the contest, though: I already have a copy of this book on its way. I just wanted to answer your silly question!

  16. Pam P says:

    I'd quit the job for sure and jetset on to Paris, but first I might have to use those powers to get some payback on the slave-driver boss, lol.

  17. Barbara E. says:

    I imagine if I could do magic, I'd use my power for good. But I have to admit, if revenge was needed, I'd be serving some of that up as well.
    What's on my feet? Thongs/flip flops because I have tile floors and don't like to go barefoot in the house.