Contest Winner

The randomly chosen winner of the Amanda McCabe books is:

#14, Angie

I’ve sent an email so watch your in box and spam folder.

Interesting results, by the way. Out of 18 entries, 12 of you said you’d chose an unerring sense of timing over fashion sense. Personally, I am torn on the issue. I have essentially zero fashion sense so the fashion sense would be useful. As others pointed out, if you look great, does it matter if you’re late? Timing, however, might just me more universally helpful. Always the right thing at the right time . . . including, one presumes, buying and selling stocks. Or leaving a room right before the big fight breaks out.

I am now assembling all the prizes that need to be mailed now that the holiday mailing crush is over.



One Response to “Contest Winner”

  1. Angie says:

    Angie is doing a happy dance right about now!