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On Wednesday jan 19 2010, I will be over at Risky Regencies blogging about Lord Byron and contemporary opinions, among other heavily opinionated things. So if you’re reading this on Wednesday, it’s a two-fer! Check it out.

First off, here’s the cover of The Mammoth Book Of Regency Romance in which I will have a story. I don’t know the release date yet, but I will update you all when I know.

My story is about a couple who realize their long correspondence via the post has made them perfect for each other. He’s younger than she is, by the way.

I don’t know how mammoth the book will be, but hey, what a great way to find out about other authors you might like!

In other news, the official title for My Beloved Assassin is now My Immortal Assassin. You heard it here first!

In other, other news, I recently finished my first book by John Scalzi. I’ve been following his wonderful blog for ages and have been thinking, for ages, that I should read something by the guy. I was at my local independent this weekend, Copperfield’s Books, and there was his first book. Old Man’s War so I said Whatever and bought it.

Then I read it. And damn! It was really good. It gave me the warm and fuzzies for SciFi again after years and years of being all depressed about how hostile so much SciFi is to the women in the books. I grew up adoring Azimov and Heinlein etc and even when I was twelve or so I remember feeling sad that the women didn’t do much besides die or be cast off or require saving. They were so rarely characters that changed the story on their own. Over the years, I’d pick up something in the genre — maybe I was just unlucky — and I’d end up feeling like not much had changed. I love stories with ray guns and space ships and physics and all and I’ve missed them, as I discovered.

Old Man’s War was like reading Heinlein or Azimov only the women were real people! They were capable and worthy of admiration and respect for so much more than big boobs. And the story was romantic. Really, truly romantic. ::Sigh::

And now, back to work for me.

Has anybody read anything good lately?


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2 Responses to “Various bits of News”

  1. Anonymous says:


    Have you ever read Heinlein's Friday? Published in 1982, she's a kickass girl who saves herself and several others from a kind of sexual slavery engendered by a marital system run amok.

    At the time, even Heinlein was tired of the damsel-in-distress trend among female characters in sci-fi.

    Susan in AZ

  2. Anonymous says:

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