On Being a Writer

What’s it like to be a writer? Well sometimes it’s darned expensive!

This week’s expenses:

425.00 Register for RWA National in Nashville TN
407.00 Buy round trip non-stop plane ticket Oakland to Nashville
188.50 RWA conf hotel hold on credit card
225.00 Enter RomConInc Contest because editor emailed authors about it, 3 books at $75 each.
093.00 Buy and ship books to contest via Amazon (I’m low on copies plus this saves me postage AND a trip to the Post Office, which would happen God knows when.)

Plus, the really evil thing is I had to use the credit card for some of this, so know I have to go to the “Writing Fund” Bank to get the cash to pay the credit card IMMEDIATELY because credit cards are evil.

Right now, I’m freaking out about money. I’ll feel better when the amounts are all paid in cash. But still. That RomConInc contest is freaking expensive. I hope next year they lower the fee. Not that it matters because in 2010, I only have the Regency short story out. So, actually, I hope they lower the fee for the 2011 contest.

Then today, right when I was in the middle of sending an email to my agent about back cover copy for My Immortal Assassin, my website went down — this would include email and I was on the webmail program. Everything just went ::poof::

Did you hear me scream? Prolly. Yeah, that was me.

So then I had to reconstruct everything and send it from my gmail account.

I’m whining, I know. And I apologize, sort of. But I’m in the middle of massive revisions and not only is that depressing on a number of levels, it’s a lot of pressure to get them done both well and quickly.

To top it all off, I made a pound cake and it was a failure. It tastes great, but the texture is all wrong. ::sob::


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4 Responses to “On Being a Writer”

  1. Ann Marie Gamble says:

    Pound cake bailout: use it to make bread pudding. 'Cuz there's got to be some payoff to that kind of day.

  2. Jennifer Leeland says:

    *sigh* I hear you.

  3. SonomaLass says:

    This is the kind of thing I think of when I see big splashy promos for books that are going to be best-sellers regardless, or bidding wars that result in advances of millions of dollars. Some really fine authors (like you) are spending their own money on promotion (money they don't really have, because they didn't get HUGE advances), and that's without getting into the other ways that mid-list authors get the short end of the stick from publishers.

    I've been told that's a petty attitude, and that the blockbuster writers were once in your shoes and earned their place. Whatever. I just think it sucks as a business model, part of the bigger picture of what's wrong with mainstream publishing. Sigh.

    I'm glad the cake tastes good, though. Better good taste and wrong texture than the other way around, if you ask me.

  4. Angie says:

    At least it wasn't Monday… not that that would make it any better. I just hate days like that. One time I was about 6k into a wip and my husband freaking destructive recovered our computer because he doesn't know what he is doing. I yelled at him for a week straight.