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In the next couple of weeks I’ll be moving my blog to from Blogger to WordPress. The primary reason is that I host my blog on my webserver, not Google’s (which owns Blogger, in case you didn’t know) and therefore, have needed to publish via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Google has decided, for fairly sound reasons for them, to discontinue FTP as a means of publishing to Blogger. This means that to stay on the Blogger platform, I would need to port my blog to or create a subdomain on my server which would, in reality, be hosted on a Google server rather than my server.

I have a personal bias against hosting anything on a server that does not belong to me. This is driven by my years ago experience with a service called X-Drive which allowed you to use their servers to store files. Well, X-Drive did some upgrades that borked up my files — which were daily copies of my current WIP. Not so fun, but I worked around that. And then they went out of business. With no notice, all my file archives were gone. GONE.

Never again, I said.

Some of you may recall Microsoft Music. They promised you’d be able to access your music forever. Microsoft’s scheme was that your music would not play unless it could be validated against their server. I was on dial up at the time and only bought 1 song, after which I had to sadly accept that dial up was going to prevent me from downloading anything ever. Well, guess what? Microsoft Music shut down and everyone who bought music from them would now be unable to play their music. There was a bit of an uproar and eventually, MS agreed to leave those servers on. Dunno if they still are.

There are more stories like that to be found. Third party storage is ALWAYS a risk. You don’t own their servers, and companies, imho I’m sorry to confess, will always elect to screw their customers if there’s something in it for them. Which is why I elected to host my blog on my website. This allowed me to backup and manage my own blog, including downloading to my own computer.

As I was mulling over the ramifications of no FTP publishing for Blogger, Blogger went and deleted the content of several music blogs hosted with them. Without notice to the bloggers. Because, supposedly, these blogs had pirated music. Only they didn’t. Most of them, actually had legal demos given to them by the music companies. But their posts were gone. Not just the music, but the posts.

Blogger’s all sorry now, but too late, if you ask me. The content’s gone and not recoverable, as I understand it.

I blog about books sometimes. Sometimes I’ll post a snippet of text, and quite often a cover. If my blog was hosted with Google, what happens when someone decides that blogging about books is copyright infringement?

So anyhoo, that’s why I’m finally doing what I’ve been thinking about for ages; Getting off Blogger and moving to WordPress, which is installed on my web server. There’s no need to host any part of my domain someplace other than my web server. And Google can’t go deleting my stuff because they can.

My webhost has already ported my website to a server that supports the most recent versions of the software I need. I’m just waiting for my web designer to do the WordPress template for me. Once that happens, the blogger blog will become archives and my blog will move, seamlessly, I expect, to the WordPress platform.

I’m looking forward to doing some of the neat stuff WordPress allows that my Blogger solution doesn’t.

Wish me luck!


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4 Responses to “Blog News”

  1. BCB says:

    I moved my Blogger blog to WordPress last summer and I LOVE it. I'm using .com though, not .org as I suspect you're doing. Because it's free. Someday when I'm a rich and famous author type person like you are (hey, seriously trying to cheer you up here), I'll look into paying for my own hosting.

    I have to say, though, I'm skeptical about the concept of people not being able to delete stuff without my permission — until such time as *I* am in charge of the internet (working on it), I'm going to assume the entire thing could vanish without my knowledge or permission.

    Really, you will love all the cool things you can do with WP. Have fun!

  2. Jamie D. says:

    Well huh. I had no idea all of that was going on with blogger (which is where my blog is – blogspot). I considered moving it over to my web site host's server last month and decided not to but reading this, I'm reconsidering. The whole blog/post removal with no notice thing is just unacceptable. At least if it's on space I pay for, I might get some notice before it's taken down. Don't really have the desire to set up a server here at the moment, but I definitely will look into moving it off blogger.

    Good luck with the switch – I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible!

  3. Chris says:

    Good luck! I switched from Blogger to my own WP site in 2006 and haven't regretted it for a minute.

    I highly recommend the ConfigureSMTP plugin for comment email from your blog. Also, although WP Super Cache was a pain to get set up properly, it did amazing things to reduce the number of spam comments I was getting.

  4. Angie says:

    At least you are computer savvy enough to handle all this stuff. I need an aspirin just thinking about it. At least I don't (yet) have a blog to worry about.