Scandal and March Madness

Logo for the DABWAHA Tourney

Scandal has been selected for participation in the 3rd annual DABWAHA tournament ( Based on the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, DABWAHA is a tournament of books that runs concurrently with the basketball schedule. Sixty-four books in eight different subgenres are pitted against each other, the winner determined by voting. The finalists were announced on Selection Sunday, March 14, and voting begins on March 18 in order to determine which book will be the victor.

Not only that, but Scandal survived the first round and is into the second. So, when voting opens again, if you feel so inclined, do please vote for me. I think I’ll be up against Elizabeth Hoyt. I think I can take her in an unfair fight. I’ll let you know if the news is true and when to cheer me on.


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