In the Good News Department!

Both Scandal (Regency Historical) and My Forbidden Desire (Paranormal) have been nominated for the Romance Writers of America RITA Award

It’s a great honor and wow, I guess I’m still taking it in.


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7 Responses to “In the Good News Department!”

  1. Maya M. says:

    Woot, woot! Good for you – though I admit I don’t understand why it’s Scandal and not Indiscreet. Methinks I don’t get the year of publication prerequisites, or something.

  2. That is fantastic news! I’m so happy to hear that.

  3. cjewel says:

    Thanks, both of you!

    Maya, I’m glad to hear you liked Indiscreet. I entered it in the RITA, so it really comes down to the opinion of the RITA readers.

    Carolyn: I’m picking up your book today!

  4. OMG! OMG! I’m so proud of you!!! And so happy for you!!! Big, big congratulations!

  5. Cybercliper says:

    Whoo Hoooo!!! Congrats Carolyn!!!! I loved them both but you know I’m in Xia’s corner – bad boy thing and all – can’t really help myself but I lurve that rascal 🙂

  6. Pam P says:

    Yay, Carolyn, so happy for you! I debated about 3 books for my personal best of the year, and had to choose Scandal over the others. Hoping to see it win.

  7. Joder says:

    Congratulations!! Both of these books deserve their nominations.