I’m done! And now I’m starting. . .

Revisions for My Immortal Assassin have been emailed to my editor. (Can I please hear a w00t!!! that authors can email these things instead of overnighting them?) Yay!!!!

And now I jump right into The Next Paranormal, because I am now on a deadline so tight my eyeballs are popping. I confess, though, that I am VERY excited about this story. I’m enjoying the honeymoon when everything is bright and shiny with the new story.

How about a picture to prove Spring will soon be here?

Small purple Iris amid greed

Iris from garden outside my window

There. Doesn’t everyone feel better now?


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3 Responses to “I’m done! And now I’m starting. . .”

  1. Susan says:

    I can feel your good mood all the way here in Germany. It’s contagious! Oh, and the flowers are just beautiful…I can’t wait for mine to start blossoming.

  2. Patti O'Shea says:

    You’ve got it, Carolyn. WOOT!!!


  3. Thanks for the kind comments and the Woot! We have micro-climates here in California, and our house seems to be in one. Our daffodils were about 2 weeks behind the lower parts of our town, and other people have had irises for ages. I await the results of my planting of poppies and lupin . . .