Hey, Carolyn! What’s it Like To Be a Seat of the Pants Writer?

I’m hard at work on The Next Paranormal. Chapter 5 to be exact. The villain is supposed to do something scary, stuff would happen and then the hero and hero would be closer than they were at the beginning of the chapter. This is what you call scene arc (at least 2 or 3!) and rising tension, by the way.

There I am, sitting in the back of the car while my son is at his tennis lesson. The villain has set fire to a car outside the house she’s in. She knows he’s there. She calls the police AND the secret bat phone number given to her by the hero. Help is on the way from TWO sources. The police knock on her door.

Editor Me (EM): Uh oh. The police are not the villain or the hero. This scene is at high risk of being boring…
Writer Me (WM): Shut up. I am in control. She opens the door and the cop is accompanied by the villain!
EM: (Being quiet as this was unexpected).
WM: The cop is on the villain’s side. He believes the villain’s lies. Heroine in trouble.
EM: Ahem! That’s a cop. How much trouble can there be?
WM: Just a minute! Sheesh. This book has demons and mages in it. The cop is possessed and is acting according to the villain’s wishes which are to be in the house with the heroine.
EM: (Being quiet as this was unexpected).
WM: The villain sent an evil minion around the back, distracting the heroine. Possessed cop pushes heroine into house—
EM: Excuse me! The hero has proofed the house against mages. The villain can’t get in.
WM: Oh. Right. Possessed cop pushes heroine outside . . .
WM and EM: Uh oh.
WM: Wait! I’ve got it!
EM: What?
WM: The villain takes off with the heroine . . .
EM: (Being quiet as this was unexpected, but also kind of impressed.)

I didn’t know any of this when I started.


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One Response to “Hey, Carolyn! What’s it Like To Be a Seat of the Pants Writer?”

  1. Stacy says:

    Love it! If you can come up with an idea that impresses yourself, you have got the write stuff! :o)