Dear Author

If you are an author, don’t leave a comment here where you pretend to like my post but are really just promoting yourself. Number 1, that’s just tacky. Number 2, I won’t approve the comment except by accident and then I’ll delete it once I realize. Number 3, really, do you think the fine and wise people who read my blog won’t think exactly the same thing about such a self-serving comment? They won’t like you either. Number 4, Just don’t, okay?

I have a better idea: send me an email about doing a guest blog! I love talking to authors about their work and genuinely like to promote talented people.


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2 Responses to “Dear Author”

  1. Susan in AZ says:

    Thank you! As a reader, I like to find the promotional stuff, but shamelessly leaving comments in other authors’ blogs strikes me as lazy. Put an excerpt on your own web site first. So many authors don’t put up excerpts of their work, which I think means that they are not proud of their newest book. If you want to promote a book further than your own web site, please do so politely.

  2. cjewel says:

    Yes! Thanks for the affirmation, Susan!