A Day In The Life

Things are so crazy at work that my days are not so fun right now. Soon, hopefully, things will let up and I will have time to take a breath or two. Meanwhile, I continue writing The Next Paranormal which I THINK will actually get the title I came up with: My Dangerous Pleasure.

Which I kind of like.

This go around with the book I am being careful about doing frequent print outs to read through since I think that really helps me a lot. It’s easier for me to see where things are going wrong. It’s also easier to simply put the chapters in a new order, which is something I do a lot in the early days. This time around, I’m actually writing scenes that my gut says this will be so cool and then figuring out where it will go later. Usually I have a pretty good idea, but the read-through really helps me find the exact right spot at the time of the read-through. As things change, chapters are likely to move around again.

I’ve also removed my first character. Yay! I find that’s always a sign that things are gelling. Once I did that — folding in Extraneous Character Number 1 with the Real Antagonist– additional good ideas came out that have me very pleased. W00t!

Many writers have said they’re frightened by my process, which might well be described as The Slash and Re-Order Style of Writing and I would have to agree. It is frightening. But it works for me and that is what matters. This method, to the best of my knowledge, is not taught in any MFA program. And yet, going to grad school for writing was the best thing I ever did. It wasn’t an MFA so maybe that made the difference.


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3 Responses to “A Day In The Life”

  1. Emily says:

    I’m sorry the dayjob’s keeping you preoccupied, but pleased you’re feeling good about the tentatively-titled Next Paranormal. 🙂

    I do admire your fearlessness in the Slash/Re-Order method. The few times I’ve worked up the courage to go that route, I’ve been pleased with the process (fewer and shorter periods of Being Stuck) and pleased with the result. But I’m 95% coward so it’s a rare attempt.

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  2. cjewel says:

    Thanks, Emily!

    And please do use the method that works for you. Good luck!

  3. cjewel says:

    Oh, and I should add,