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My historical The Spare is going to be reissued in October 2010. Well, gosh! That was a bit of a surprise. I found out today when I came home to find a package from Dorchester Publishing. I thought huh, maybe they’re sending me the Dutch editions they told me about a few years ago. At last. But no.

It was a pile, a really big pile, of book covers. Great, I thought. Someone at Dorchester must have been cleaning out their desk and decided to send these to me. What do I do with— Hey. Wait a minute!

The covers, I realized, were not quite the same as the original. The same image, yes. But the colors were different and my name was really REALLY big compared to the title. And over my name, it said Author of Indiscreet and Scandal. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a publisher pimping books by a different publisher right there on the cover.My photo of the 2010 cover of The Spare

Here’s a picture of the original cover. More pink, as you can see and my name is a lot smaller. Glossy, as opposed to matte and embossing on the words. Original (2004) cover of The Spare

What I think would be awesome is if they were to re-issue my other Dorchester historical, Lord Ruin. Considering how many emails I still get about that book– it came out in 2002 and I’ve been getting several emails a year ever since — and considering that it’s almost impossible to find even used, I think readers would be very happy. So would I, actually.

If anyone would like a signed copy of the cover flats, I have some of both and would be happy to send signed ones upon reasonable request and while supplies last.


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One Response to “News about The Spare”

  1. Sue R says:

    I dont know if its me but I love the new cover better. I feel like its sexier. :] I would love signed copy of any cover flats. Thank you very much. 😀