Flowers! (no, I’m not procrastinating, why do you ask?)

You can look at these while I. . .

  • make word count
  • run pre-RWA errands
  • take son to get new shoes
  • panic at my lack of preparation for anything
  • Procrastinate

These pics are all from the various garden areas here at Jewel central. I like to go out either very early in the morning (doesn’t happen often) or very late in the afternoon when the sunlight isn’t too harsh. I thought I was out too early (in the afternoon) for the daisy shots, but as it turns out, not for these shots of the daisies, as they were in a shaded area and the sun was just above the horizon and so coming in at a very interesting angle. The images are a little prettier at full size and resolution, but you get the idea. Edited to add: If you right click, you can see the image at near full size!

Edited to add: That list is in no particular order. Also I fixed some typos.

White Shasta Daisy

A Flower -- OK, a Shasta Daisy

Same Daisy, Another Angle

White Shasta Daisy

Golden bronze rose with rain drops, shot taken indoors


Pink Roses Blue Sky Green Leaves



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3 Responses to “Flowers! (no, I’m not procrastinating, why do you ask?)”

  1. What lovely photos! And your roses are to die for. How on earth did you get such a black background if those shots are afternoon?

    (And, no, I’m not procrastinating either. Oh, look! Shiny!)

    • Carolyn Jewel says:

      I have a Nikon D-80 SLR and for these shots I use a Macro lens. That tends to make the backgrounds blurrier, since the focal point is so close. The daisies were in some shadow, with the sun coming in over a hill about half a mile away, which makes the horizon, for the sun, fairly high. So, it was bright within only the angle of the sun. And that made the background blurry black. A macro lens is great for flower shots for that reason.

      What was shiny? I want to see, too!!

  2. That’s really cool –the background is so inky black it’s as if you somehow spotlighted the flowers at night, esp since the ‘rosebud’ shot has water droplets glinting.

    Soundtrack music on iTunes was the shiny. Needed some new background tracks for writing. My regular stuff is great for action and fight scenes (rock out) but not so good for drawing room stuff. I get distracted and just end up singing along. So, was shopping for instrumental pieces. I am easily distracted….