RWA Update Friday/Saturday

Let’s see . . . As Courtney Milan pointed out, there are only so many days one can get by on < 5 hrs sleep and still have no problem with daytime perkiness. She is very wise. Perkiness is an issue for many of us.

Friday afternoon

The Berkley signing was quite fun. I sat next to Julie Kenner who is really nice, and across from Ann Aguirre and Jennifer Ashley so I got to wave at them. I had Indiscreet and Scandal to sign and the beautiful covers drew people in. My books were gone by 3:30 so I popped over to the RITA reception and just in time to get my lovely finalist certificates and meet many of the other finalists.

Then I went to the GCP dinner which was lovely indeed, but goodness, I was fading fast… But then I went with authors Vickie Dreilling, Roxanne St. Clair and Kristin Painter to a bar called the BlueZoo or maybe it was the ZooBlue, Something and more people showed up and we all had a great time sitting and talking and stuff. It was quite fun, Then my roomie and I hung out with Ann Aguirre for more good times and then we went to bed about 2:00 am.

More later, must run to GCP signing…


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